Mulch Calculator.

Enter Length, Width, and Inches and press the Calculate Here button. Allow 20% for Compaction for 4 inches or more.




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Delivery Fee

1-20 Yard Truck $65 per delivery
40 Yard Truck $125 per delivery
65 Yard Truck $175 per delivery
*For all deliveries we must keep the truck on a hard surface. Examples include gravel, concrete, or asphalt.


Gravel: We can only carry 5 yards of gravel at a time.
Topsoil: We can only carry 7 yards of topsoil at a time.

Color Enhanced Product Information:

All color enhanced products require a curing process where the mulch dries once it has been spread. Dry time depends on the weather. Putting color enhanced products down during the rain can cause it to leach. Please make sure all irrigation is turned off for at least 24 hours


Pick Up Pricing

Color Enhanced (Brown, Black) $34 /ea
Color Enhanced (Red) $37 /ea
Hardwood Bark Mulch $34 /ea
Certified Play Chips $39 /ea
Mushroom Compost $48 /ea
Leaf Compost $30 /ea
Pine Mulch $37 /ea
Economy Mulch $27 /ea
Mix Compost $37 /ea
Topsoil *Limited Quantity MP

Gravel Pricing

Masonry Sand MP
River Rock MP
Pea Gravel MP
#3 Gravel MP
#57 Gravel MP
Crusher Run (21 A) MP
Stone Dust MP
*All gravel is market price. Please call for pricing.

Blower Service Pricing

All prices are per cubic yard installed ($460 minimum order)

Color Enhanced (Brown, Black, Red) 8-14 cubic yards $68 /ea 15+ cubic yards $64 /ea
Double Shredded Bark Mulch 8-14 cubic yards $68 /ea 15+ cubic yards $64 /ea
Certified Playground Chips 8-14 cubic yards $66 /ea 15+ cubic yards $62 /ea
Mushroom Compost 8-14 cubic yards $70 /ea 15+ cubic yards $67 /ea