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1.  Why use Mulch Unlimited, Inc.'s Blower Service?


       - It's the most efficient way to install mulch or compost, saving you both time and money

       - We leave your property with a professional finished look.

       - We strive to be flexible and responsive to the needs of each customer.


2.  What do I the customer need to do before you arrive to mulch?


      -  Beds should be cleaned and edged so that when we arrive we can install the mulch

      -  Do not run irrigation at all the day we are coming

      -  Ensure that all pets are inside

      -  Cleaning up any little pet surprises would be appreciated, so that it does not get on the hoses and on us.


3.  How do I determine how much mulch or compost I need?


       - Width (times) length in feet (times) depth in inches, (divided) by 324 give you the cubic yards needed.

          Due to compaction add 20% to depths of 4 inches or more.

       - Or call us with the dimensions and we will be happy to help you figure it out over the phone.


4.  Does the dust get on everything and will you leave a mess?


       - Our trucks are equipped with dust suppression systems to help reduce the amount of dust blowing around.

       - We are equipped with the proper tools to clean up leaving you with a professional finished look.


5.  Will you damage shrubs and plants?


       - Each technician is trained in how to apply the product in the most delicate areas.


6.  How does your billing work?


       - We have serveral different options that we would be glad to discuss with you before we begin work.


7.  How much lead time do you require?


       - Lead times change with each season, please call early so that we can put you on our schedule.  804-730-4166



We do the best to service our customers, however inclement weather may cause us to reschedule your appointment.

How much do I need?

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